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become-a-distributorAluminum Tank Industries (ATI) is currently seeking distributors throughout much of the United States.

Why should you become an ATI tank distributor?

Product Quality
ATI offers the highest quality products on the market. Whether its a refueling tank, an auxiliary tank, or a toolbox, you can rest assured that you are offering the highest quality products in your establishment. The end users of our products want to own the best tools available to them and that is exactly what they will get when you are able to offer them a genuine ATI product.

-For Peace of mind
For years the market has been saturated with transfer tanks manufactured by any company that can weld aluminum or steel. As a distributor, your customers have been “tap-dancing” around what to tell and what not to tell their customers regarding the legality of a transfer tank. Our tanks are designed for flammables such as gasoline; many so called “transfer tanks” are only good for non flammables. ATI offers refueling transfer tanks which make it legal to transport and refuel from. The questions to ask yourself is “what good is a transfer tank if you cannot legally pump from it while it is still in the bed of you truck?” You can now offer a legal refueling tank rather than just a transfer tank.  ATI specializes in 100% legal aluminum fuel tanks and consistently offers the safest, highest quality fuel tanks in the industry.

-Customer Service
We believe in “Customers for Life”. That’s why we offer premium customer service and support. Our courteous staff members are more than happy to assist in product support, customer service, or simply answer questions you may have. All of our staff members are helpful and extremely knowledgeable. You sent an email or left a message…we’ll get back to you shortly! A large part of our success is due to our customer service. Customer service doesn’t stop at emails and phone calls but also includes value, product quality, short lead times and sales tools. Join us today and experience customer service like it should be!

-Support the US economy
All ATI tanks and toolboxes are manufactured in the US. Also, unlike many of our competitors, all materials and components we purchase from vendors for the production of fuel tanks and toolboxes are from US companies.


ATI now offers a Private Label Program
In order to provide a legal DOT certified tank, ATI must label every tank with our DOT special permit number. Our labels must also include the size, weight, manufacturing date, and other necessary information. ATI now offers you the opportunity to put your company name and information directly on this label. Not only will this help your company gain exposure but it will also associate your company with the highest quality and most dependable products.

Custom Products
You will now be able to offer custom built products to your customer. We offer our products in many different sizes and shapes to fit most applications. However, we may not always offer exactly what is needed. At ATI, we understand that every customer has different needs, whether it is one aluminum fuel tank or 100 diamond plate toolboxes, we can build them your way!

For more information regarding distribution feel free to contact us!